About Us

Great companies are built on great products. ideas people.

Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Creating a complete set of requirements up front enables better planning, more accurate cost estimates, shorter delivery cycles, improved customer satisfaction and adoption of the final product

User Experience and Interface Design

By identifying verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks, we refine and iterate to create the "best" user experience.

Scripting and Scripted Languages

From linux to windows, scripting is usally required to perfom the most basic tasks including services and cron jobs. We specialize in custom scripts to help solve that challenge

SQL and NoSQL Data Platforms

SQL is by definition a generic language that allows access to data in various ways; with NoSQL data is accessed only in a narrow predefined access pattern.

Scalable Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems supporting business processes in large companies and organizations, are critical for their business survival, and expensive to build and run. It is important they are designed for scalability

Native Mobile Apps

We build enterprise mobile apps connected to your data by Leveraging the tools, frameworks and APIs needed to build apps for any device.

Who We Are

Our goal is to generate bright ideas for growing your business. At Synkron we believe the customer is king. Our job is not done until we deliver value beyond expectations.

We use a variety of industry standard Business Process Management Tools and process improvement methodologies in our techniques. Sykron was incorporated August 2007 and started business with a team of professionals in various aspects of the IT industry such as telecommunications, eBusiness Consulting, Banking and Software Engineering.

Enterprise Software Development
e-Business Consulting
Systems Integration
Mobile Application Development